FYI - Snow Plowing Information

Information on Mail Box damage


The Town will typically plow snow within the confines of curb line to curb line of a street. The adjacent resident will be responsible for cleaning snow around their mailbox to assure delivery of mail.  The resident is also responsible for assuring that the mailbox is properly installed as required by the United States Postal Service Guidelines and it should be constructed to be able to withstand snow cleaning efforts by the Town.  It will be the responsibility of the residents to properly relocate or improve the structural integrity of the mailbox prior to winter plowing operations.  The Town will not be responsible for mailboxes which have been damaged by the impact of snow attributed to snow removal operations.  In the event a plow makes physical contact with a mailbox, the Town will replace it with a standard USPS mailbox.  The Town will not be responsible for the replacement of ornamental or nonstandard style mailboxes.