Faunce Corner Road Reconstruction Project

Reconstruction of Faunce Corner Road & Improvements to I-195 Ramps & Intersections, includes Replacement of D-04-016 over I-195.

This project involves the replacement of the existing bridge carrying Faunce Corner Road (FCR) over I-195, and the realignment of Faunce Corner Road; reconstruction of the intersections of Faunce Corner Road/Cross Road/Comfort Lane, Faunce Corner Road/I-195 Eastbound On/Off ramps and Faunce Corner Road/I-195 Westbound On/Off ramps; realignment and reconstruction of the ramps and acceleration lanes/shoulders of I-195 Eastbound and Westbound and the installation of traffic signal system at three (3) locations.

Construction Begins: Summer 2014

Construction Ends: Spring 2017

For more information visit the MassDot website here, then select Dartmouth under "City/Town Information", then click on Project Number 600496.