Animal Control

This department handles animal issues pertaining to stray/loose dogs, dog licensing/violations, stray/feral cats, loose livestock, animal bites, quarantines, livestock permits, and barking dogs complaints. These are just some of the calls we deal with on a daily basis. We work in conjunction with the Board of Health, Town Clerks Office and the Police Department. There is one full time officer (40 hours), one assistant full time officer (32 hours) and one partime officer (12 hours) for the entire town of Dartmouth.

The Town has a shelter contract with The Humane Society of South Coast, which is located at 31 Ventura Drive in Dartmouth. Animals picked up by Animal Control are brought to Humane Society and given food, shelter, and some T.L.C. until an owner is located. If no owner is found, the animal is evaluated and put up for adoption after the required holding period. The office has an answering machine that is checked frequently during working hours. You must leave a message and a number to reach you, as there is no office personal. Please speak slowly and clearly when leaving a number.

The department tries to maintain an on call after normal working hours for emergencies only, such as dog hit by automobile and no owner available, loose large livestock, or a rabid animal. At times, this is difficult due to such a small staff. These such calls must be reported to the Dartmouth Police Department at 508-910-1735, and they will dispatch an Animal Officer.

The department does not handle problem wildlife, such as raccoons in chimneys, woodchucks in gardens, etc. Please refer those calls to Problem Animal Control Agents, which can be found in the yellow pages of your local phone book.