Youth Advocate

If you or someone else needs support, call or text 988 or chat

The Youth Commission began in 1968, as a collective response for the community to the growing needs of the town's youth. The Youth Commission board is comprised of Dartmouth residents who set policy, and guide the work of Youth Advocate, Deloris Joseph.

The Dartmouth Youth Advocate

The Youth Advocate is governed by the Youth Commission board and works directly with the youth and their family who are in need of support around issues that affect them and their family.

These issues can include but not limited to: bullying, social media, self-esteem, self-harm, depression, suicide, anxiety and substance use/abuse. Also, included is school related issues, family conflict, housing, homelessness and financial hardships. The Youth Advocate meets privately with the youth and their family to determine the needs and work together to come up with a plan as to how to address the issue. All this is done in a safe and confidential setting.

Our office works with a multi-disciplinary team who care about the well-being of our youth. These team members include: Dartmouth Public and Private Schools (to include schools outside of Dartmouth where Dartmouth attend), Dartmouth Police Department, Dartmouth's Department of Public Health, The District Attorney's Office, a team of faith based members, community members, parents, private non- profit agencies, local and government agencies, UMASS Dartmouth University, probation officers and medical professionals.

What we provide:

  • Community/school based presentations on topics that affect our youth and their families. These topics can include: social media, bullying, substance use, anxiety, depression and suicide prevention.
  • Short term supportive services to youth and their families who are in need of assistance.
  • Case management services to families who are in need of accessing resources and assistance with referrals.
  • Support for youth/parents.
  • Holiday help and resources for families in financial hardship.
  • Liaison/advocacy between the schools, community, or organizations.

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