Highway Division

Construction Division Paving DirtThe Highway Division is primarily responsible for maintaining the town's roads, streets, sidewalks, curbs, guardrails, storm drains, culverts, and catch basin structures. These tasks include the preparation of roads for resurfacing, crosswalk and pavement markings, street sweeping, and street and road repair. The Highway Division installs street and safety signs, maintains drainage systems, cuts and removes brush, and responds to requests for tree trimming. The Highway Division is also responsible for snow and ice control over the town's 220 miles of roadway, provides emergency response during wind, rain, and snowstorms and handles emergency removal of trees and debris in roadways.

The Highway Division has an equipment maintenance section that maintains and repairs all highway, solid waste, recycling, and construction equipment (over 53 pieces), numerous appurtenant pieces of machinery, the maintenance of the Padanaram Bridge, and provides fleet maintenance of other town departments upon request.