Solid Waste & Recycling Division

The Town of Dartmouth offers a wide variety of programs and services that help residents manage their waste. Please see detailed information below about recycling and solid waste collection, bulky item program, a map of clothing bin locations, a fun waste sorting game, and more.

Each participating residence in the SMART (Save Money And Reduce Trash) Waste Reduction Program is provided with one gray lid cart for recycling bottles and cans and one black lid cart for recycling paper and cardboard. Participating residents place trash in special orange bags available at local retailers.

Recycle Smart MA Recyclopedia

Have you ever been unsure about which items can be recycled, or which items are considered too hazardous to put in your trash bin? Type the name of the item in the Recyclopedia from Recycle Smart MA and find out!

Review the Recycle Smart MA Recyclopedia.

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