Water & Sewer Division

The Water and Sewer Division is responsible for the production, treatment, and distribution of the town's water supply in accordance with all federal and state regulations for the delivery of drinking water to consumers. The division operates three water treatment facilities servicing 13 municipal wells, repairs water meters, performs meter readings, maintains fire hydrants, system flushing, repairs water main breaks, and resolves customer complaints and concerns. The division also maintains the town's sewer collection system, including sewer mains; and sanitary manholes.

The division also is responsible for the receiving and processing utility applications, including water turn-ons-/turn-offs, quarterly commercial and residential billing of water and sewer accounts, issue of no payment letters, schedule turnoffs, etc.

To report a water-related emergency regardless of the time of day, contact the Water and Sewer Division at 508-999-0742.

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