Energy Projects

Energy Projects

Green Communities Designation & Grant Program

The Green Communities Program recognizes communities that have made a commitment to reducing municipal energy usage and provides financial and technical support to assist them. In 2017, Dartmouth earned designation as one of Massachusetts' Green Communities. Since becoming a Green Community, Dartmouth has earned $456,254 in grant funding from the Department of Energy Resources.

Having completed its first year as a member of the Green Communities Program, the Town utilized its $223,750 designation grant to implement high-efficiency natural gas condensing boilers and water heaters to replace outdated oil-fired equipment. The Town also coordinated with DOER to retrofit the parking lot pole lighting of the Council on Aging with LEDs.

School hallwayIn July of 2018, the Town earned a Green Communities Competitive Grant for $232,504 to install a wide variety of energy conservation measures including:

  • Fuel conversion and boiler replacement at the Dartmouth Public School Administration Building.
  • Piping and steam trap insulation at the Allen Street Maintenance Garage, Potter Elementary School, DeMello Elementary School, Dartmouth Middle School, Cushman Elementary School, and Quinn Elementary School.
  • LED retrofit of the two first floors of Dartmouth High School's hallways as well as the school's gymnasium.
  • Weatherization of the Southworth Public Library, Potter Elementary School, Quinn Elementary School, and DeMello Elementary School.
  • Comprehensive insulation and weatherization of the DCTV building.

Through the Green Communities Program, the Town continues work to reduce municipal energy costs and become more sustainable.

DEP Gap II Grant Program

Heatpump RoomIn February 2018, the Town earned a $107,357 grant to implement energy conservation measures to improve the efficiency of water and wastewater operations through the implementation of:

  • Heat Pumps for Backup Generators at the DPW Complex at 759 Russells Mills Road and the 687 Chase Road Treatment Facility.
  • The implementation of a new boiler and burner to replace outdated heating equipment at the DPW Complex.
  • New pumps, motors, and drives for well pumping stations in the Water and Sewer Division.
  • New replacement pumps for the same well pumping stations in the Water and Sewer Division.

With the help of the Department of Environmental Protection, the completion of these projects is expected result in significant electricity savings as well as a reduction in natural gas usage