Town Clerk


The Dartmouth Town Clerk's Department is to maintain and produce the records of the Town of Dartmouth and to provide copies of them for internal and external use. Also, it serves the public by directing them to appropriate offices within town government through the switchboard and mail services. It works closely with the Board of Registrars to maintain lists of town residents and to conduct elections.

The Clerk's office seeks to combine honesty, efficiency, and a pleasant demeanor in conducting its work to serve constituencies in the present and former citizens of Dartmouth, the other offices of town government, offices in county, state, and national government, and researchers around the world.

General Powers and Duties

The Dartmouth Town Clerk is elected by the voters of the Town of Dartmouth for a three year term. The Town Clerk holds the rank of department head. State law provides that the Town Clerk is the official keeper of the Town Seal and the Town's Oath Book. The Town Clerk, and members of his/her staff, also are Notaries Public and have the authority to notarize documents signed in their presence. The Town Clerk serves as the custodian of Town records and official documents. The Town Clerk is responsible for the maintenance, preservation and disposition of all Town records. The Town Clerk is required by state law to ensure that Town records are readily available for public inspection.

Registrar of Vital Records and Statistics

The Town Clerk also acts as the Town Registrar of Vital Records and Statistics. The Town Clerk accepts for filing and maintains records of all births, deaths and marriages that occur in Dartmouth. The Town Clerk is authorized to issue certified copies of birth, death and marriage records.