Fee Schedule

The Town Clerk's Office provides many different services to the Town of Dartmouth.

When purchasing from the Town Clerk's Office, you can pay by cash, check or credit card. If there are any questions, you may contact the Town Clerk's Office directly at 508-910-1800.

Cureent Schedule of Fees

Ammendment/Correction to Birth Certificate$25
Filing of Delayed Birth Record$25
Certified Copy Birth Certificate$10

Amendment/Correction to Death Record

Certified Copy Death Certificate$10
Marriage Intention$40
Amendment/Correction to Marriage


Certified Copy Marriage Certificate$10
Filing Business Certificate

$40 per 4 years

Filing Amendment to Business Certificate$10
Certified Copy of Business Certificate


Certified Copy of Amended Business Certificate$3
Genealogy Research$25 per hour after the first half hour
Certified Board of Appeals Decision$3
Cemetery Book$10
Street List Book$20
Raffle Permit$10
Dog Licenses - Spayed/Neutered$15 as of January 1, 2022
Dog Licenses - Male/Female$20
Late Fee Per Month Per Dog (beginning April 1)$5