Park Rules & Regulations

The Parks and Recreation Board of the Town of Dartmouth by virtue of its authority to make rules for the use and government of the public beaches and parks of said Town and for the beach or such rules to affix penalties, hereby ordain that within the public beaches and parks of the Town, except with prior consent of the Board, all persons are hereby forbidden:

  1. To use said premises before designated opening and after closing hours.
  2. To climb or get upon any tree, fence, railing, jetty, lifeboat, or any other structure on any beach or in any park, or to touch any lifesaving equipment.
  3. To cut, write upon, deface, defile, or otherwise injure any building, fence, notice, seat, or other structure, on any beach or in any park.
  4. To permit any animal, leashed or unleashed, to pass over or stray upon any beach or park area except to access or egress any designated dog park area or within a designated dog park facility.
  5. To erect any booth, table, stall, tent, canopy, or other structure.
  6. To commit any indecent or obscene act, or to use any toilet for persons of the opposite sex, exclusively.
  7. To stand, sleep, lie upon, overturn, or damage any seat or table.
  8. To drive or propel any vehicle, bicycle, tricycle, skateboard, or rollerblade on any beach or walk.
  9. To build any open fires. Portable grills are allowed in the parking area, not on any beach.
  10. To use any inflatable or buoyant device, to push, run on, or dive under any raft.
  11. To use offensive language or conduct, or in any manner annoy or endanger other visitors including the use of loud music.
  12. To possess or use of any fireworks or firearms with the exception of a military honor guard or as otherwise allowed by law.
  13. To refuse to obey the orders of the Parks and Recreation Board, Staff, or any authorized agent of the said Board.
  14. To park motor vehicles except in the designated areas.
  15. To cause the motor vehicle under his or her control within the premises to exceed a greater rate of speed than five miles per hour or posted speed limit.
  16. To bring or throw any object into the water or on the bathing beach that may in any way endanger the health or safety of persons using the beach.
  17. To have for sale or otherwise any intoxicating liquors, beverages, or non-prescription (illegal) drugs.
  18. To sell or offer for sale any goods or wares.
  19. To play any game of chance or to have possession of instruments of gambling.
  20. No smoking of tobacco and medical marijuana and the use of chewing tobacco.
  21. No dumping of household trash.
  22. To violate any rules of the Dartmouth Dog Park located at 443 Old Fall River Road.
  23. All persons swimming or bathing in the waters of the Dartmouth beaches or using or occupying any area of the beaches or parks or any of their structures and facilities shall do so at his or her own risk.

Any person willfully doing any of the above-forbidden acts shall be punished by a fine not exceeding twenty-five dollars ($25) for each offense, and shall be subject to immediate eviction from the premises.

The attendant in charge may deprive anyone of the privileges of the beach or park who does not conduct himself in accordance with these rules.