Town of Dartmouth Employee Wellness

  • The employee wellness program was implemented in 2015 with the assistance of MIIA, the Town's Health BenefitsTrust. A Committee of 16 members was formed with employees from various Town and School departments.
  • The Wellness Committee offered several programs each fiscal year, targeting areas of mental, physical, and financial wellness. Participation has increased each year with a total of 266 participants in FY19.
  • In 2018 the Well Power program was introduced. The Town of Dartmouth was chosen by MIIA and Blue Cross and Blue Shield as one of the premier municipalities in the Commonwealth to implement this new wellness program. Well Power goes far beyond the prior wellness program. It was designed to equip Town employees with the resources, tools, and knowledge necessary to live healthier lives. Town employees that are MIIA/Blue Cross subscribers have the potential to earn up to $275 per year in gifts cards, as an incentive for completing healthy activities. View Well Power Program Summaries.

Wellness Awards Received

  • 2015 - "Excellence in Creating a Culture of Health"
  • 2017 - "Best Wellness Committee"

Annual Health & Benefits Fair

An annual Health and Benefits Fair is held for employees each Spring. It is an excellent opportunity and resource for employees to gather information about eligible benefits they'd may want to take advantage of. Several vendors will attend the event, to answer questions, discuss benefit opportunities, and the begin the enrollment process.