Set up & Equipment

Room Setup

Groups using the Libraries' rooms should arrive early to set up the tables and chairs and test equipment. Library Staff will unlock the doors, if necessary, but will not set up the room. Please contact the Library to find out how early you may arrive. If a presenter wishes to come before the day of the event to test equipment, this can only be arranged by contacting the Library in advance.


The Library does not provide laptops or PC's for room use. You must provide your own. You should bring all cables or power cords that came with the device. While the Library does have cables and adapters for our equipment, they may not fit your device. We do have extension cords of various lengths. Please ask in advance if you require an extension cord.

Technical Assistance

If available, Library Staff can demonstrate how to use equipment that is already in the Library, such as the projector or DVD player. There is a binder in the room with instructions on using all devices present in the room. Presenters cannot assume that Staff will be able to operate, or repair, any device that is brought to the meeting. Thus, it is important that groups prepare and test their presentations in advance.

Food and Drink

Any food or beverages brought into the Library must be removed after the meeting is over. The Library will be responsible for the trash as long as it is in the trash barrels, or in bags.

Groups are responsible for paying for the replacement or repair, at the library's discretion, of lost, stolen or damaged equipment.