Management Information Systems (MIS) Department

Mission Statement

The MIS Department is responsible for the overall operation of most of the town's financial applications, non-School user network, geographical information system and assessor appraisal system.

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Database, Email, Network, and Security Administration
  • Technical Support and Help Desk
  • Budgeting and Capital Planning
  • New Software and System Procurement, Testing, Implementation, and Training
  • Invoice and Payment Processing
  • Town Webmaster

This office is also the home of the Town of Dartmouth's Official website. The Town of Dartmouth's first website was published on May 12, 1998. The current website is the fifth (5th) major update and was published on February 22, 2023.

As the role of technology becomes ever more important to the Town, the importance of MIS becomes ever more vital. Numerous initiatives to enhance technology are currently being implemented in which MIS is extensively involved. This includes computer, software, and network upgrades; initiatives to go paperless and decentralized data entry to the department level; and online viewing and payment of taxes, bills, and other fees.