Art Display Policy

The Dartmouth Public Libraries welcome the opportunity to allow groups, organizations, or individuals to use the Elsie Haskell room at the Southworth Library for art exhibits, with the understanding that the room has a security camera, but is not staffed. Those interested in displaying their artwork should contact the Library Director.

Permission to use the exhibit space is at the discretion of the Library Director and may be made available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use. The duration of the exhibit shall be at the discretion of the Director of Libraries.

Each artist/ group is responsible for hanging his/ her own works and taking down the same when the exhibit has ended. Library staff assistance is not available.

Installation and removal of exhibits must be accomplished during library open hours and in such a manner that causes the least possible disruption or material interference with library business.

Artists/groups are welcome to hold an open house in the exhibit area and are allowed to serve refreshments. (Alcoholic beverages require a permit from the Select Board). Open house events must be coordinated with the Library Director.

Artists/groups must sign an exhibit release form that releases the library from any responsibility for loss or damage to works on display. View the Art Release Form (PDF).

Exhibits must conform to the space restrictions of the exhibit areas provided.

Artists may supply contact information with their exhibit, and may not display price information. Potential buyers should contact the artist directly.

Permission to exhibit materials does not imply Library sponsorship, endorsement of content, or responsibility for representation of all points of view.

The Board of Library Trustees reserves the right to prohibit any person or group from displaying artwork they deem to be inappropriate for a public building