Class Visits Policy

Library Cards

Students must have their library card available to checkout materials. If the card is lost it must be replaced before additional items may be checked out.

All students are responsible for their library card. The library does not hold individual cards at the front desk and does not encourage teachers to hold student's library cards.

Replacement Cards

The charge for replacing lost cards is $3.

Group / Classroom Visits

Whenever possible teachers should schedule classroom visits to the library. This will ensure efficient service. If scheduled visits are canceled please make arrangements to have items from previous visits returned by the date due so that fines will not accrue.

Rules for Borrowing

All established Rules For Borrowing Materials apply to students.

Students are not exempt from fines.

It is up to the teacher to establish how many items each student may check out. While at the public library the teacher acts in loco parentis (in place of a parent).