Nonmonetary Donations Policy

The Dartmouth Public Libraries Board of Trustees welcomes and encourages gifts and donations that are consistent with the library’s mission and role in the community. In accepting or declining gifts the Board strives to make decisions that are in the best interest of the library and the community it serves.

Acceptance of Gifts

Gifts will be considered in light of the following criteria:

  1. Relevance to the library’s mission
  2. Space required to house or store the gift
  3. Cost to maintain or preserve the gift

The Trustees retain the right to refuse gifts. The Board may make such decisions with criteria including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Existing or future tax or other financial liabilities related to gift
  2. Duplication of gift
  3. Real or perceived environmental or safety hazards related to gift
  4. Poor quality or condition of gift
  5. Lack of demonstrated need for gift

Display & Disposition of Gifts

All gifts accepted by the Library Board of Trustees shall become the property of the Town of Dartmouth. The Library Board shall make every effort to use gifts as provided, taking into consideration the expressed intentions of the donor, but retains the right to dispose of non-cash gifts. If the library chooses to dispose of any property or equipment, it is declared surplus by the Trustees and the Select Board and may be claimed by other town department or offered for sale to the public.

When appropriate, the library director shall recommend to the Board how, where, and for how long gifts should be displayed. Commemorative plaques shall be designated by the Library Director and posted with Board approval.

Process for Donating Tangible Property / In-Kind Gifts

Donations of tangible property include but are not limited to the following: works of art, historical artifacts, plants, furnishings, electronic equipment, computers, and office supplies. (The library’s collection development policy covers donation of books and other media.) Prospective donors should fill out a Donation Form (PDF) and drop it off at the library. The donation will be considered by a subcommittee of Trustees in consultation with library staff. The subcommittee will make recommendations for conditional acceptance, pending examination of the physical item, to the full Board at the next scheduled meeting.

Receipt & Acknowledgement of Gifts

A copy of the completed donation form (attached at the bottom) signed by the donor and the Chair of the Board of Trustees shall serve as receipt of the gift. The Library Board of Trustees cannot provide valuation of gifts. The donor is responsible for obtaining a valuation for tax purposes prior to donation of the gift.