Safety of Children in the Library

It is the goal of the Trustees and staff of the Dartmouth Public Libraries that the children who use the library will find the facility to be a warm, inviting and fun place to develop an appreciation of the varied services and materials that the library offers, including story time programs, computers and the unsupervised separate play area. The library expects that children be under the supervision of a parent or care-giver at all times in every part of the library. Unattended children may become frightened or feel lost or, worse, have their safety compromised.


  • Children seven or under are to be under the close supervision of a parent or care-giver when using the play area and when using computers.
  • During story time parents and caregivers are requested to be present on the first floor of the library.
  • Conversations or any other behavior which hampers the enjoyment of the library by other patrons or that interferes with a program or presentation are not permitted.
  • The computers in the Children's Department are for the sole use of children under the supervision of their parents or caregivers.
  • Cell phone ringers must be silenced everywhere in the library. Cell phone conversations, when necessary, must be limited to corridors or entrances or other areas where patrons will not be disturbed.
  • Courteous behavior is expected at all times. Running, shoving, or throwing objects is not permitted.