Wireless Access Policy

A wireless network in the Dartmouth Public Libraries has been established for patrons who wish to use their own laptop when at the library. By providing wireless network access to the Internet, the Libraries expand their ability to provide information resources to the public. All terms and conditions set forth in the Dartmouth Public Libraries Internet Use Policy are applicable to wireless network access. Failure to comply with these policies may result in wireless network access privileges being suspended, and the patron may be asked to leave library premises.

Patrons are responsible for configuring their own laptop for wireless use. The Libraries do not offer technical support for wireless access. Library staff are not allowed to configure, diagnose or modify a library patron's equipment to enable access to the Libraries' wireless network.

The Libraries can provide a document with technical specifications about its wireless network and an example of configuring a laptop for wireless access. The Dartmouth Public Libraries make no guarantees as to compatibility of patron's equipment with the library's network.

The Dartmouth Public Libraries are not responsible for any damage to personal equipment or software that may occur as a result of using the Libraries' wireless network. In light of security issues, the Libraries urge patrons to incorporate appropriate protections systems such as anti-virus, firewall software and updated patches when accessing the wireless network. The Libraries do not provide encryption services and do not guarantee privacy of data transmitted across its wireless network. Patrons using their laptops in the libraries are required to use headphones or operate their equipment in the mute mode.