Notice to All Liquor License Holders

All license renewal applications for common victualler/ liquor, entertainment/ alcohol, amusement devices, juke box and arcade must be signed during the month of November. The establishment must be in conformity with the last approved description of the premises. If the licensed establishment has been modified by making certain changes, such as expansion for storage of alcoholic beverages, changes in location of bars, tables or other portions within the structure if the licensed premises, the changes must be approved by the Dartmouth Select Board, Licensing Authority. You must obtain the Licensing Board and ABCC's approval when there is a change of manager of record. The Town's filing fee for any changes is $75.

On-premise liquor licenses that currently have a 2 am approval of the Select Board must request in writing for renewal of this 2 am privilege at the time of filing the renewal application.

No renewal of license shall be considered by the Select Board, Licensing Authority without full payment in advance as per Mass. Gen. Laws, Chap. 138 § 70, for all licenses you hold. Any questions please contact the Select Board's Office at 508-910-1813.

The renewal application will be available for your signature in the Select Board's Office, Room 303, hours Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. A renewal license is allowed only if the license you are applying for is of the same type as the license you currently have, and if members or the shareholders, Board of Directors and Manager have remained the same.

Please note, in order to renew the license, you must be current on all real estate/personal property taxes, auto and boat excise taxes, water/sewer taxes, fees, assessments, betterment repayments or any other municipal charges. No licensee should be signing the renewal application if they are in nonconformance with M.G.L. Ch. 40 §57.

Fee Schedule

License TypeFee
All Alcoholic / Restaurant / Common Victualler$2,750
Wine and Malt Beverage / Restaurant / Common Victualler$1,600
All Alcohol / Package Store$2,100
Wine and Malt Beverages / Package Goods Store$1,350
All Alcohol / Club$2,100
One Day Liquor License$75
Common Victualler License$100

Forms for new Liquor Licenses may be obtained from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission website under forms.