Soil Conservation Board

Gravel PitMembers

  • Thomas W Hardman, Chair
  • John Haran, Member
  • Kevin Melo, Member
  • Nat Watson, Member
  • Richard Mallen, Member


The Soil Conservation Board is responsible for issuing permits concerning earth removal and reconstruction of sites from which earth has been removed. Permits are renewed annually and projects are bonded according to the Soil Conservation By-Laws. The properties also have official bi-annual inspections.

The larger operations permitted by the Board are for reconstruction of vacant land into cranberry bogs and agricultural land. The Board also investigates complaints from abutters and concerned citizens about unpermitted activities.

Before an applicant can be granted a permit from the Soil Conservation Board, they must have received permission from the Board of Appeals except for incidental acts related to agriculture.

The Board is made up of one member from the Select Board, Board of Public Works, Finance Committee, Board of Health and Planning Board and two members from the Conservation Commission.

In July of 2009, the Board's budget was eliminated and thereby removing the funding for expenses, the part time clerk and inspector. The duties of the Soil Conservation Board are now carried out with the assistance of the Board of Health's staff.