Youth Commission


  • Jeremy Howard
    Term: 2025
  • Krista Machado
    Term: 2024

About Us

Welcome to the Dartmouth Youth Commission. This resource is intended for parents, teens and children within our community. Visitors can learn more about our services, learn about support groups, learn how to report suspected abuse and locate additional sources of support for themselves and other family members.

The Dartmouth Youth Commission is a youth and family service agency that provides support, referral, and resources to residents of the Town of Dartmouth. The Commission began in Dartmouth in 1968 as a collective response for the community to the growing needs of the Town's youth. The Youth Commission is comprised of Dartmouth residents who set policy and guide the work of its Youth Advocate.

Mission Statement

To meet the needs of Dartmouth young people and families who are:

  1. At risk from either their own dangerous behavior, or, by the abuse of others;
  2. To provide support services to children and teens at risk;
  3. Provide information and referral services to teens, their parents, the public, schools, police, juvenile court and other appropriate human service providers.

To carry out the specifications of Chapter 40, Section 8E, of the Massachusetts General Laws under "Youth Commissions".