Application Guidelines to the Glaser Memorial Fund

Applicant's, who are residents of Dartmouth, will be required to complete an Application Form as provided by a Youth Commissioner, Fund Administrator, or the Youth Advocate.

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older to apply on their own.

The Application Form will require the following information: Name; address; phone number; number of persons in household; ages of children; date of application; how did you hear about the Fund?; contact phone number; requested amount of Help grant; reason for request; and when Help Grant is needed.

It is expected that the applicant will meet the Guidelines of the Fund's Mission Statement which reads: The Alvin Glaser Memorial Family Assistance Fund was created to assist Dartmouth families and individuals within families, during times of financial hardship caused by illness, death, unemployment or other unexpected events. The Glaser Fund exists solely for the purpose of helping persons in need.

Funds shall not be used for the purchase of tobacco products, alcohol, or gambling purchases of any kind.

Applications using the Glaser Fund Application Form should be submitted to the Fund Administrator, c/o the Dartmouth Youth Commission, P.O. Box 79399, Dartmouth, MA 02747.

As a general rule, Help-Grants will be made available to a Dartmouth Family on a limited basis only.

Upon receiving a Help-Grant, the resident will be required to sign a receipt stipulating the amount received, date and purpose of the Help-Grant.

Names and personal information contained on Glaser Fund Application Forms are considered confidential.