Long Range Capital Planning Committee

The Committee is charged with conducting a detailed examination of the long-term capital needs of the Town, and to develop a Long-Range Capital Plan identifying potential projects to be funded over the next 25 years.


  • Town Administrator - Shawn MacInnes
  • Director of Budget & Finance - Gary Carreiro
  • School Asst. Superintendent/Director of Finance - James Keily
  • Select Board Chair - David Tatelbaum
  • Finance Committee - Terri Hamm
  • Capital Planning Committee Chair - Bruce Brooks
  • Board of Public Works Chair - Rob Almy


The Committee shall develop a Long-Range Capital Plan with the goal of identifying potential projects extending out twenty (20) years beyond the fifth year of the annual Capital Improvements Plan, for a planning horizon of twenty-five (25) years.

The Committee shall prioritize and time the implementation of each project into the Long-Range Capital Plan, taking into account the Town's existing and projected debt service schedules that extend out for terms of up to twenty years. The Committee should also include any anticipated operating and maintenance cost forecasts associated with each of these projects that can be expected to affect the Town's operating budgets.

The Committee shall work with the Town's staff and, if appropriate, with other Town committees to develop proposed project plans and cost estimates for each of the anticipated projects.

Project plans shall consider the Town’s 2023 Master Plan recommendations into the scope for each project. Project plans should also promote environmental sustainability, clean water, and address the municipal vulnerabilities resulting from the impacts of climate change.

The Committee shall develop a detailed Long-Range Capital Plan that is easily understood by the community.


The committee shall consist of seven (7) members. Members include the Town Administrator, the Director of Budget and Finance, the School Assistant Superintendent/Director of Finance, Select Board member, Finance Committee member, Capital Planning Committee Chair, Board of Public Works Chair.  The Select Board may appoint additional members to the Committee upon the request of the Committee. 

Meetings to be called as needed with such meetings to be in a public place with appropriate posting under the open meeting law and the committee shall follow Robert Rules of Order.