Who Must File?

Any person conducting a business in Dartmouth, individually or as a partnership, under any title or name other than their own name, must file a business certificate with the Town Clerk. If a corporation is operating a business in a name, other than the incorporated name, they too need to file.

The following are exempt from filing a business certificate with the Town Clerk (unless a bank requires a business certificate):A Corporation doing business under its true corporate name which is required to file records and reports with the state secretary, corporations division. Partnerships doing business under a title which includes the true surname of any partner. Association which has complied with MGL ch.159 sec.5 and 6 related to common carriers whose agents must file information with the state treasurer. Partnership, joint stock company or association conducted under a written instrument or declaration of trust, provided that the names of the trustees, with a reference to the instrument or declaration of trust, have been filed on a business certificate.

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