What should I do if I feel sick?
  • Stay home if it is not a life-threatening emergency
    • Most people with COVID-19 have mild illness and are able to recover at home without medical care. Do not leave your home, except to get medical care. Do not visit public areas. Avoid using public transportation, ride-sharing, or taxis
  • Call your primary care physician (or local hospital or urgent care if you do not have a primary care physician)
    • Your doctor will advise you of how to manage symptoms and will decide if it is appropriate for you to get tested
  • You can check your symptoms for COVID-19 with the MA DPH BUOY Symptoms Self-Checker

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1. What should I do if I feel sick?
2. What should I do if I think I have been exposed to COVID-19?
3. What happens if I test positive or am a close contact of someone who tests positive?