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Tree Nomination Form

  1. Dartmouth Distinctive Trees Project

    This project is sponsored by the Dartmouth Tree Committee (DTC) to highlight and celebrate the importance, variety, and distinction of the many remarkable trees in our town.

    We invite the public to nominate individual trees for recognition based on various criteria that make them exceptional: age, rarity, size, etc.

    Tell us about your tree and what makes it distinctive. Does it have an interesting history, or is it extremely old? Maybe your tree is very unusual or rarely found in this area. Is it the tallest one around of its kind, or does it have other outstanding features?

    The trees nominated can be either on private or public property (eg. schools, parks, cemeteries, along streets). They should be generally healthy and have adequate room to grow. If the tree you nominate is on private property (not your own), make sure the owner has given you permission to measure the tree and take photos and agrees to have it included on the Dartmouth Distinctive Trees list. Please note their consent on the nomination form.

    DTC will be accepting nominations of distinctive trees on an ongoing basis and will recognize the most noteworthy ones at least once a year, usually in the fall. Please be sure to complete the nomination form below and attach clear, high-quality photos (up to 3) of your tree in different seasons. All submissions dated before August 1, 2023 will be evaluated by DTC, and the best will be recognized at our September Tree Walk.

    Thank you for your participation.

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