Charter Review Committee- CANCELLED

Mission Statement

The Charter Review Committee was formed in compliance with Section 6-7 of the Town Charter, adopted in 2000. This Section calls for a Committee to conduct a periodic review at least once every 10 years and to make a report and recommendations to Town Meeting regarding proposed amendments to the Charter.

State law requires that recommendations from the Committee must be submitted to Town Meeting and receive 2/3 support there before they are put to the voters for final approval. State law also stipulates this process cannot be used to change the composition, mode of election or appointment, or terms of office of Town Meeting or the Select Board.


Residents can comment on the motions by sending an email to the Charter Review Commitee.

Staff Contacts

Board Members

Name Title
Shawn D. McDonald Select Board Appointment
Brock Cordeiro Select Board Appointment
Brian R O'Hare Finance Committee Appointment
Heidi Brooks School Committee Appointment
Steve Melo Town Moderator Appointment
David Cunha Town Moderator Appointment
Christopher O' Neil Planning Board Appointment
Mary Waite School Committee Appointment
Teresa Hamm Finance Committee Appointment