Automated SMART Waste Reduction Program

SMART (Save Money And Reduce Trash)


Town of Dartmouth - DPW
759 Russells Mills Rd
Dartmouth, MA 02748

SMART Hotline:

(508) 999-0740

Beginning in the summer of 2012 the Town of Dartmouth will institute a convenient, exciting method of recycling collection – the automated system.

Automated collection is a technology advanced system of recycling collection and disposal.  The system is called “automated” because a special truck, equipped with a mechanical / robotic arm, automatically lifts and empties special recycling containers without the driver ever leaving the cab of the truck.  This is a system designed to improve the efficiency of the Sanitation & Recycling Division, make the task of putting out recyclables easier and cleaner for the resident, improve the appearance of the Town and greatly reduce the injury potential of Town employees.

The new automated system is safer, more efficient and requires less labor to collect recyclables.  In addition, because the mechanical arm performs all the lifting, there is no risk of injury to the driver.  Each residence that is a participant of the SMART Solid Waste Management Plan is provided with two containers:  one 65-gallon wheeled recycling cart (black with gray lid) for bottles and cans, and one 65-gallon wheeled recycling cart (black with black lid) for paper and cardboard at no cost.  The new system is the next step in improving recycling service to our residents.

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