Community Electricity Aggregation Program

Residents may see the name of a new energy supplier, Constellation New Energy, on their electric bills.  There should be no change in the electric supply rate before the contract ends in early 2018. 
We are pleased to announce that Dartmouth has signed a 2 year contract for electric supply. Under the new contract with ConEdison Solutions, Inc., beginning in January 2016, the rate per kWh for electricity supply will be fixed for 24 months at $0.0949/kWh. Dartmouth has combined electricity consumption with 22 other Massachusetts communities as a member of a regional Community Electric Aggregation Program. This will result in savings of over $100 per year on customers’ electric supply rate.
Customers will still receive one bill from Eversource. There are two separate charges that make up the total bill; distribution and supply. This program addresses the supply cost ONLY, as Eversource sets their distribution charge through the Department of Public Utilities.
Eligible accounts will be automatically enrolled unless they choose to opt-out during a 30 day opt-out period. There will be no early termination fees at any time for those who wish to leave the program. Over the coming weeks, customers will be receiving information in the mail alerting them to their participation in the program in addition to very clear instructions on how to opt out of the program. Eligible accounts are those not under agreement with a supplier other than Eversource. Those accounts are welcome into the program upon termination of their current agreement at the account holders discretion.
Furthermore, there will be an additional option that will be presented to customers if they choose to have an additional 5% of their electric supply derived from green energy sources. Further information will be forthcoming via direct mail.
The program will take effect in January 2016 and will be reflected on the February bill received by customers. More information can be found at
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Community “Choice” Electricity Aggregation?
Community “Choice” Electricity Aggregation is a program in Massachusetts that allows cities and towns to bring together large groups of residential & business electricity accounts to seek cheaper supply rates, essentially bulk-purchasing with the main objective to lower your electricity bills.The Town of Dartmouth has partnered with 22 other municipalities in aggregating, or bulk purchasing, their residential and business electric accounts who still receive their electricity supply from Eversource.
Will the Community Electricity Aggregation program include both electricity and natural gas?
No. This program will focus only on your electricity.
How does Community Electricity Aggregation work?
The process was started through a Motion passed in the New Bedford City Council. The cities Energy Office oversees the consultant, Good Energy, L.P. to all 23 communities, as they seek to bring you the lowest electricity rate from Third Party Supplier’s. You will be able to Opt-Out of the program during a 30 day period at the onset of the program or leave the program at any point with no termination penalty.
How long will the contract term be for?
The contract term is anticipated to be for 24 months.
Are there any fees or penalties?
No, there will be not be any fees or penalties
Will I be charged a higher delivery rate?
No. Delivery rates do not change based on participation in this program, or from any third party supplier. Eversource delivery rates are regulated by the state and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).
Who do I call if there is an outage or issues with my electricity bill?
Your service and billing questions will continue to be directed to Eversource at (800) 592-2000.  Eversource does not make any money from the electricity they supply your account(s), only the delivery of that electricity, so your service will not be affected in any way.
I switched to a third party supplier and my rate suddenly increased, paying much more than the utility rate. How does this program differ and how can I be sure this won’t happen again?
The City of New Bedford’s Energy Office is overseeing this program which is very transparent and the winning supplier will provide a fixed rate that will not change for the entire term.
Who is and who is not eligible?
ELIGIBLE - Everyone who is currently being supplied by Eversource is eligible.
NOT ELIGIBLE - If you have signed up with a Third Party Supplier (meaning you do not get your electricity supply from Eversource) you’re not eligible for the program and will not be notified or enrolled. If you would like to inquire about the possibility of enrolling please bring your contract information to the City of New Bedford Energy Office for financial analysis of the cost benefits and advise you on what your best option may be. The phone number is (508) 991-6193.
Can businesses participate in the program?
Yes, any account currently on basic Eversource service is eligible and will be automatically enrolled.
Can I participate in the program if I have a photo-voltaic or solar panel system?
Yes. If you’re receiving any supply from Eversource, you will be automatically enrolled in the program.
Do I have to sign a contract?
No. There is no contract to sign and is designed to be as easy as possible for participants.~ Current Eversource customers will be automatically enrolled. Regular updates will be posted on the City of New Bedford and NBEN’s website’s as the opt-out period approaches.
What do I need to do in order to participate?
Nothing, if you are receiving your electricity supply from Eversource you will automatically be enrolled.
When will the Community Electricity Aggregation go into effect?
The City of New Bedford expects the aggregation to go into effect on January 2016
When will I begin seeing a change in my electricity bill and how will it be impacted?
The program is expected to begin in January and you will continue to receive one bill from Eversource. The only change will be the new fixed supply rate and the chosen provider stated. Before the program begins you will receive a letter from Eversource confirming your enrollment and a notification informing you of the new supplier price compared to Eversource with your right to Opt-Out.
What if I am eligible and do not want to participate in the Community Electricity Aggregation program?
  • Simply sign and return the Opt-Out notice you receive and your accounts will not be included.
  • If you decide to leave the program in the future you may do so at any time without penalty.
If I Opt-Out, can I opt back in at a later date?
No, once you opt-out of the program you will not be able to re-enroll until the end of the current contract term expires and a new contract is put in place.
I am currently receiving offers from other third parties promising lower electricity rates. What should I do?
Third party suppliers are currently very active within the Commonwealth due to the recent significant increases in electricity rates within Massachusetts.  The City of New Bedford Energy Office strongly advises any household or business to read the complete contract fine print and have a clear understanding of the length of the contract, any termination penalties, along with rate details before signing.
Where can I get more information about the Community Electricity Aggregation program?
Contact the New Bedford Energy Office Program at (508)991-6193 or