Conservation Commission Online Permitting Reminder


As the Town of Dartmouth is working toward streamlining the multi-departmental
permitting process, we are implementing the “OpenGov – Viewpoint” platform
throughout, department by department. As of March 28, 2022, all Conservation
Commission permitting will be available online using “OpenGov – Viewpoint”.
We understand that “change” creates concerns and issues; however, in this case
most of you have been accessing permit applications and instructions online
rom the Town website, so the only change is that now you will be accessing those
same documents through “OpenGov – Viewpoint”. To access, click on the
Online Permitting“ button on the homepage of the Town website, Click the
Conservation button, and follow the instructions from there.

For actual filing purposes, the Conservation Commission will still need two hardcopies
of all documents and plans delivered to the office, “OpenGov – Viewpoint” will be your
one e-file copy as opposed to filing pdf’s separately, and it allows you to pay the filing
fees online too. Legal Ads will still require a separate check for $63.00 made payable to
South Coast Media Group, and submitted to staff along with your hardcopy submittal.
Given that we are transitioning from one online practice to another, Staff will continue to
accept filing in both the “old” and “new” methods for now. Another public benefit of
“OpenGov – Viewpoint” is that all documentation on all permits will be available to ALL
municipal departments.

Let’s make this work to the benefit of all, Good Luck.