Dartmouth Parks & Recreation Covid-19 Phase II Beach/Park Guidelines


Beach Hours:
Beach hours will remain the same (9-5 Jones and Apponagansett, 9-8 Round Hill), however Lifeguards will only be staffed from 9-5 at all locations.

Face Coverings:
All beach visitors shall comply with COVID-19 Order 31: Order Requiring Face Coverings in Public Places Where Social Distancing is Not Possible. The order requires any person over the age of 2, whether indoors or outdoors, to wear a face covering or mask when they cannot maintain 6 feet of distance between themselves and others, unless they have a medical condition preventing them from doing so (see further guidance here: https://www.mass.gov/info-details/covid-19-state-of-emergency). Masks are not required to be worn while swimming.

Group Size:
No groups larger than 10 are allowed to gather.

Blanket/Chair Location:
To allow for adequate social distancing for ingress, egress, and transit across the beach, a minimum of 12 foot distance between blankets/chairs of groups is required.

A minimum clear distance of 6 feet shall be maintained between the public and all lifeguard stands except in the case of an emergency.

Parking Lot:
Parking spaces will be reduced to limit beach capacity in order to accommodate adequate social distancing. Parking is First Come First Served.

While waiting in line for the restroom, maintain the 6 foot distancing by standing next to cones which designate the required spacing. Restroom max occupancy is 2, please wait outside if the restroom is occupied.

Non-contact games now allowed.