Job Hunting Resources

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Hunting for a job? Here are library books we own on the subject, helpful websites with job listings,  job hunting advice, helpful local agencies to assist you in looking for a job, writing resumes and going on interviews.

Dartmouth Online Resources

  • Universal Class: Over 500 online non-credit continuing education courses. This service requires a Dartmouth Library Card.
  • List of Library Books on Job Hunting and Careers: Review our bibliography of books in the Southworth Library nonfiction collection to assist you in job hunting and career planning.

Job Listing Sites
Many job postings are listed on the Internet. Websites listed below include ones where employers post jobs as well as those that allow job hunters to post their resumes online. Some sites are specific to our region/state while others allow one to enter a region within a certain radius of a zip code.

National Job Search Sites Restricted to our region/Massachusetts

Helpful Local Government Agencies

Writing Resumes

Writing E-Resumes

  • online tutorials on how to convert a MS Word resume into a plain text electronic version.

Posting Resumes on the Web

Writing Cover Letters

Job Hunting Advice

Job Interviewing Advice