Mobile HotSpots

Drawing of mobile deviceInternet to Go

Connect to the Internet anywhere. Library patrons with a Dartmouth Library card may borrow a T-Mobile HotSpot.

  1. You must be at least 18, have a valid Dartmouth library card and sign the Hotspot Agreement –  or be minor age 12 or older whose parent or guardian has read and signed the Hotspot Agreement. A parent or guardian may not sign for a minor if they have a blocked library card.
  2. You may place a HOLD on a HotSpot.
  3. HotSpots may be borrowed for 2 weeks, and renewed once, unless there is a waiting list.
  4. HotSpots must be picked up and returned to the Circulation Desk at Southworth Library.
  5. The late charge for a HotSpot is $5.00 per day up to$50.00.
  6. The replacement cost for a HotSpot is $100.00.
  7. If the HotSpot is not returned, its service will be turned off.
  8. Up to 10 devices may be connected to a HotSpot at one time.
  9. The HotSpot must be returned in its box with the charging cable and electrical plug, or it will not be checked in.