Sticker/Day Pass Information

Resident Sticker Rules and Regulations

When are stickers available?
  • Beginning May 9, 2022
Where to purchase stickers:
  • Parks & Recreation Room 108 Dartmouth Town Hall
  • Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Stickers (checks payable to the Town of Dartmouth, credit or debit cards)
  • Day passes (cash accepted at the gate)
  • Stickers and Day passes are non-refundable
Proof of  Residency (requirements):
  • Valid Vehicle Registration and License
  • Leased Vehicle paperwork or statement in addition to registration
Stickers can be obtained by:
  • Any resident of Dartmouth
  • Property or Business Tax Payers of Dartmouth
Sticker placement:
  • Driver's side front windshield outside of the wiper zone
Can a sticker be used on more than one vehicle?
  • Sticker will be issued to the registration shown
  • Sticker is for that vehicle only
Day Pass Fees:
  • Jones Park - $10 per day
  • Apponagansett Park - $10 per day

Sticker Fees:

Residents - $40 per year
Senior Residents (65+) - $30 per year
Disabled Veteran - No Charge w/ proof
Non-resident Property Owner - $40 per year
Non-resident Senior Property Owner - $30 per year
Business Property Owner - $40 per year