Sector Specific Workplace Guidance for Phase 3 Step 2

Upon reopening, all Phase I, Phase II and Phase III businesses must follow the sector-specific safety protocols and best practices linked below. Effective Monday, October 5, lower risk communities will be permitted to move into Step II of Phase III of the Commonwealth’s reopening plan .

Governor's COVID-19 Oder #53 (issued November 2, 2020, effective November 6, 12:01 AM) Requires the early closure of certain businesses and activities each night at 9:30 PM. The 9:30 PM closure requirement is aligned with the Stay At Home Advisory and together the two new initiatives are designed to further limit activities that could lead to COVID-19 transmission.
1.    Restaurants, provided however that restaurants may offer food and non-alcoholic beverages for take-out and by delivery during the mandatory closing period
2.    Arcades and Other Indoor and Outdoor Recreation
3.    Indoor and Outdoor Events
4.    Indoor and Outdoor Theaters, Movie Theaters, and Performance Venues
5.    Drive-In Movie Theaters
6.    Youth and Adult Amateur Sports Activities
7.    Golf Facilities
8.    Recreational Boating and Boating Businesses
9.    Outdoor Recreational Experiences and Educational Activities
10.    Casinos, Horse Racing Tracks, and Simulcast Facilities
11.    Driving and Flight Schools
12.    Zoos, Botanical Gardens, Wildlife Reserves, and Nature Centers
13.    Close Contact Personal Services
14.    Fitness Centers and Health Clubs
15.    Indoor and Outdoor Pools (Public and Semi-Public Swimming Pools)
16.    Museums/Cultural & Historical Facilities/Guided Tours

Link to Order No. 52: Advancing Phase III Repoenings in Municipalities with Reduced Incidence of COVID-19 Infection here 

  • Low Risk Communities are identified as those with an average daily incidence rate of less than 8 cases per 100,000 as recorded in the 3 most recent 14-day measurement periods. 
  • Communites that do not meet this requirement or move out of this requirement to be low-risk must close businesses that are able to open only in Phase 3 Step 2 and all other businesses which are allowed to operate in Phase 1, 2 and 3 Step 1 must follow Phase 2 Step 1 guidance and cannot use any adjusted guidance from Phase 3 Step 2. 

Follow this link to access all sector specific guidance for Phase 3 Step 2