School Department

The Dartmouth Public School's mission of providing Quality Learning for All, is focused on requiring and supporting higher levels of achievement from all students. Because of this, our students gain recognition in many fields.

Each year, more than ninety-four percent of the graduating class have entered colleges, universities or other schools to further their education. In addition to meeting high academic standards, students are actively involved in school affairs and community services. We have an award-winning music program and a wide variety of interscholastic and intramural athletics.

The system includes; one preschool-K school, two grade K-5 elementary schools, one grade 1-5 elementary school, one grade 6-8 middle school and a grade 9-12 high school. The enrollment for the system is 3,733.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Bonny L. Gifford Superintendent of Schools
James Kiely School Business Manager