Dog License Information


All Dog Licenses are due by March 1st every year. Any license(s) issued after the registration period shall be subject to the Administrative Late Fee of $5.00 per month. (General By-Laws Article 68- Subsection 68.3.3).

Failure to obtain a dog license as required, shall result in a fine of $50.00 per calendar month in which a violation occurs constituting a seperate offense. Said citation will be issued by (68.3.4) Animal Control.

* Fees are non-refundable

Individual dog license fee (fixed)$12.00
Individual dog license fee (unfixed)$20.00
Kennel License Fees: 
10 or fewer dogs$65.00
11-25 dogs$100.00
26 or more dogs$300.00
Kennel license application fee*$100.00
Kennel license amendment application fee*$50.00
License administrative late fee$5.00 per month
Replacement tag fee$2.00
Dangerous dog surcharge


Impoundment administrative fee$5.00 per day

All dog by-laws can be viewed on the Town Website by going to the General By- LawsSections 68 and 72. A copy is also on file at the Town Clerk's Office.

No fee shall be charged for any individual dog license where the owner of the dog is a person that is at least seventy(70) years old and submits to the Town Clerk, goverment-issued documentation that demonstrates said age. Documentation in support of a reduced price or fee must be provided to the Town Clerk at the time that the license is issued; no refund shall be issued in response to such documentation being provided subsequent to the issuance of an individual license.

In order to issue a license we must have a current rabies certificate on file.  Please provide the current rabies certificate when licensing your dog(s).

You may license by mail by providing the following:

  1. Current Rabies Certificate.
  2. A check made payable to the Town of Dartmouth.  Please include your phone number on the check.
  3. Return addressed envelope including postage.

If you have any questions, please contact the Town Clerk's Office at (508) 910-1800.