Youth Advocate

About us:

The Dartmouth Youth Commission is a youth and family service agency that provides individual and group support, referrals, and resources to residents of the Town of Dartmouth.  The Commission began in 1968, as a collective response for the community to the growing needs of the Town’s youth.  The Youth Commission is comprised of eight residents who set policy, and guide the work of its Youth Advocate, Jennifer Cabral.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Youth Commission is to work with Dartmouth’s youth and their families, who are struggling with social/emotional issues and are in need of supportive services.  This is done by providing an assessment, and then determining the most appropriate intervention for the family.  We are available for crisis intervention year around, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for children, teens, and their parents.  The Youth Advocate will then provide resources, and referrals to assist individuals with support.

The Youth Advocate carries out the specifications of Chapter 40, Section 8E, of the Massachusetts General Laws under “Youth Commissions.”

Youth Advocate

The Youth Advocate is an employee of the Town of Dartmouth.  The Youth Commission sets the policies of on-going programs provided and the Select Board, through its Town Administrator, provides administrative supervision of the Youth Advocate.

The role of the Youth Advocate is to work directly with the youth in either an office setting, family’s home, in the community or in their school. 

The Youth Advocate conducts presentations in schools, community settings, and facilitates after school groups for elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as, provides outreach, and consultation with parents. 

Our agency does not provide psychotherapy in either individual, or group settings; however, we are available to meet with your child on an individual basis.  Our involvement may be for a brief intervention, or last over an extended period of time. 

While the Youth Advocate is prepared to meet with youth who are in crisis, extended services are provided to Dartmouth residents only. The Youth Advocate provides crisis intervention services on a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week basis.


It is the policy of the Dartmouth Youth Commission, and the professional practice of the Youth Advocate that all names and related information are kept strictly confidential.   Only the Youth Advocate has access to client names and private information.  Student interns and other volunteers who assist with various programs are also required to abide by a signed statement of confidentiality. 

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jennifer Cabral, LMHC Dartmouth Youth Advocate 508-910-1855